Monday, June 6, 2016

Huge RC B-17 Takes A Hairy Flight....


skybill said...

Hi Irish,
"That Smell!!......That 'Burnt shoe polish Smell' of 'Glo-fuel'....!!!!!!!!" "I love the smell of burnt glo-fuel in the morning....!!" One thing about flyin' model airplanes..... There isn't a model airplane that I have crashed that I haven't walked away from, and I have crashed a bunch!!!!!!!
Fly, while you still have your wings!!!!!,

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites:


timbo said...

That was awesome!

jon spencer said...

There should have been a red flare fired from the plane.

The person piloting did a very good job.
Wonder how many man-hours that were almost used up?

Andrew Addison said...

I love to see it drop a bomb payload.