Monday, March 7, 2016

And Now, A Few Words From "Outlaw Morgan"...

I found this video linked in the comments by Bad Brad over at IOTWREPORT


  1. I like it!
    Well said. Well made.

  2. So what' NOT to like there?
    Dude has his shit together, talks plain fucking sense to me.

  3. This guy nails it pretty good. However, his spill on mooslems leaves me asking the same questions about people that vote and support the democrap part. "Outlaw Morgan" recognizes the fact that people who claim to be mooselem or followers of islam see that there are aspects of their "religion" and other that there are mooselems which are nothing but evil. Then OM makes excuses as to why these "good ones" remain part of such an ludicrous/backwards/broken "religion". OM does not make a valid point for any of his excuses.So, I keep asking myself over and over why people who see the awful/broken attributes of the democrat party and who will freely admit to the flaws of said party, continue to vote, run as, and support the democrat party.


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