Friday, August 7, 2015

Taxi Hack Explains "Trumpzilla".....

"TH" says.....

I like to think that I’m someone that takes politics seriously… what our politicians do has direct and indirect effects on myself and my family, so I pay attention. So many people in this country are utterly clueless about what our so-called “representatives” are doing on our behalf, and they blissfully vote for the same damned criminals, year after year, without even knowing what they are up to. Hillary Clinton’s campaign stands as a towering monument to the indifference, ignorance, and apathy of the American electorate. She should be in jail, and anyone NOT named Hillary Clinton would have been booked and fingerprinted months ago. But an alarming number people will still vote for her, because they are so stupid and uninformed that they believe that Hillary is looking out for them, and it is okay if their girl breaks the law, in the furtherance of the progressive agenda.

Normally, I wouldn’t even consider Trump’s candidacy a serious thing, but yet it is… and the establishment boneheads in the Republican Party and the liberal media hacks can’t understand how this is even happening. What the fuck is this? This shouldn’t be possible, like Evel Knievel or Mr. T or Hulk Hogan or The Most Interesting Man In The World™ guy jumping into the race, and pulling away from the pack by double digits immediately… how can this be? What the fuck is going on?


IF anyone hasn't been to his site yet. Be sure to follow the link to "The Pig Trap" at the bottom of his
post. It is a must read.


  1. In 2010, the Tea Party politicians were elected on promises to restrain obama. Today they empower him even when the democrats say no. There is no love for liberty among "representatives" these days. Right now, Donald Trump is good for one thing only, bringing out the worst in Democrats and Republicans.

    However I do hope I am wrong.

  2. I read his site often and everything he says is true, disturbing and downright scary. And yes indeed the Pig Trap is very very real. Some thing wicked this way comes. I am a decade older than the Taxi Driver so I am less prepared physically. How in the hell did we ever let this happen to America?


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