Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It Does Seem Kinda Stupid, Don't It?


  1. I believe the reasoning, if any government organization can be accused of reasoning, is twofold. (Please note that this in no way represents an attempt to defend the TSA or DHS, they are generally indefensible.)

    One point is that most people, especially women, carry more than one form of liquid and or gel for personal use when traveling. Lotions, hair care, shaving, fragrance, odor control, dental care, etc. So that needs to be taken into account.

    We also need to keep in mind that there is are further limits, namely ONE quart sized plastic bag containing these 3oz max liguids or gels and ONE of those quart sized bags per passenger.

    The second point is the matter of binary explosives or poisons. These are liquids/gels that are inert alone but potentially very dangerous when mixed together. There are probably further categories beyond "binary". Presumably the DHS/SA has analyzed these types of potential explosives or otherwise highly dangerous mixtures and determined that it would be difficult or, perhaps, impossible, to bring down a commercial aircraft if you only have 3 ounces of each (actually 3.4 is the max - 100 ml) or a quart total.

    Then there's also the issue that if you have to mix together different containers your fellow passengers are more likely to notice and put a stop to it.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Kinda?

    Lame theater, that's all it is.

  3. The same logic applies to one 21 round magazine = very dangerous. Three 7 round magazines = not dangerous at all.


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