Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Teenager's Shocking Image Concealed by School......


I can't believe that parents don't speak up and get these teachers and administrators fired or removed from office. What are they teaching the kids nowadays????

A mural at a US high school was deemed so offensive that school officials were moved to conceal one particularly controversial scene. 

Following negotiations, however, the shocking image depicted by teenager Liz Bierendy may now be viewed

Bierendy, a junior, painted a mural depicting the life of a man ending with the man being married and standing with his wife and child.

(found at Aceofspades) 


  1. We are so screwed. What has happened to this Country?

  2. It offends me that there are male cocksuckers and female carpet munchers and liberal shits out there who woud be offended.

  3. Take your kids out of public -- government -- run schools. It is as simple as that. The Southern Baptists keep thinking about that move but would prefer that their kids be indoctrinated with silly things like this rather than getting a proper education. If the Southern Baptists pulled their kids out of public schools, most of the other Christian denominations would follow and there would be a change in the public schools.

    Just take your kids out of those schools and don't put up with the nonsense that is taught there.

  4. Maybe the people should show up at these indoctrination centers with their torches and pitchforks and clean house. Makes me glad I don't have kids in school.


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