Friday, January 13, 2012


There was once an Irishman named Murphy who walked into an American Bar.
He sat down and asked the Bartender
"Give me three shots o' your finest Irish Whiskey!" the Bartender complies.

After about a week the bartender asks, "Murphy, would it be better for yeh

if I put all three shots of Irish Whiskey into one glass?"

Murphy replied, "well no. See I have two other brothers back at home,

Patrick and Owen, and everytime I come into a Pub or 
Bar I order a shot for each o' them so I can remember the good times."

Well, after another week of this routine, Murphy comes into the bar

and only asks for two shots of Irish Whiskey. 
The bartender immediately says "Murphy, is everything ok? 
Did somethin' happen to one of your brothers?"

"Oh no", Murphy said, "I just decided to quit drinkin!"


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