Saturday, August 13, 2011

1974 Bronco....YA I'm Blue with ENVY!!!

I posted last month that I had picked up a rare original

"1972 Ford Bronco"

Its still having the brake lines replaced and a tune up being done to it
so I don't have it as of yet.

We took the plow off and I passed the word around that it's for sale.

One of my friends came by to look at the plow. He showed up in his

completely restored 1974 Bronco....

YA needless to say .. I AM F#$KIN ENVIOUS!!!

ENVY... we all sometimes have it:


  1. That's a nice Bronco!

    I used to want one of those in the worst way....

    Ahh well.

  2. No 'puter either. I bought a backup distributor for my '69 C-10 350, just in case.

  3. Verra nice, indeed!

    I don't think the mom has any reason to be envious ;)

  4. Now you have a challenge :-) That one does look good!


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